Why are no logs generated for a Cloudhouse Container despite AVV logging being enabled?

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Applies to: Cloudhouse Compatibility Containers, AAV

26/05/2019 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 390902


I have created a new Cloudhouse Compatibility Container™ using release 1903. I have enabled AAV logging but no logs are produced. I do not see any errors, warnings. 

I have checked in AppAcceleratorV.clc that the AAV tag is present and I have the values for LogExe and LogDll set to Full but no logs are produced.

<AAV LogExe="Full" LogDll="Full">


As detailed in How to enable Container (AAV) logging, the way in which logging is enabled and configured for Containers created in release 1903 and later has changed.

Configuring AAV logging for a 1903 (or later) Container using the above process will result in no logs being generated. No errors or warnings will be displayed to highlight the incorrect configuration. These tags are just ignored.


To resolve this issue, make sure you follow the process in the How to enable AAV logging in 1903 and later section of How to enable Container (AAV) logging.

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