Why is the "Usage Reporting" screen not shown when I Containerise an application?

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Applies to: Auto Packager

26/06/2019 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 396174


I am containerising an application using the Cloudhouse Auto Packager.

I have populated the Package screen, but when I click Package App the Usage Reporting screen is not shown and the Auto Packager wizard continues.

Usage Reporting screen


This problem occurs if the Don't show this window again checkbox on the Usage Reporting screen has been checked at some point when the Auto Packager has been run.


To fix this issue:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate folder:
    • On Windows 7 (or later), navigate to the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Cloudhouse\AutoPackager folder.
    • On Windows XP, navigate to the
      C:\Documents and Settings\<user_ID>\Local Settings\Application Data\Cloudhouse\AutoPackager folder.
  2. Edit usersettings.json in a text editor.

If the Don't show this window again checkbox has been checked, then the "IsTokenConfirmationSuppressed" setting is present and set to true


To re-display the Usage Reporting screen the next time the Auto Packager runs, change the value of the "IsTokenConfirmationSuppressed" setting to false and save the file.

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