Error "The COM deployment file contains the following exes that don't exist" when uninstalling a Container

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Applies to: Cloudhouse Containers

10/06/2019 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 390984


When trying to uninstall a Container from the deployment folder, the following error message is thrown on Windows 7 and later:

The COM deployment file contains the following exes that don't exist.

However, the list of missing COM files is not populated.

Also, on Windows XP, this can manifest itself with the following error:

Cloudhouse.Container.Usage has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


The actual error is caused by the COM executables being deleted from the Container folder and the user then attempting to uninstall the Container from the same folder.


The workaround for this issue is to use the /force switch to force the uninstall and redeployment of the Container. 


To fix this issue upgrade to version 1904 or later.

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