Cloudhouse Compatibility Container Exit Codes

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Applies to: Cloudhouse Containers

31/05/2019 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 266774


If a Cloudhouse Compatibility Container™ fails to deploy or an application fails to launch, one of the following exit codes is returned to the console and log file.

Code Description
-1 Invalid combination of command line options, or failed to parse arguments.
-2 Missing Metadata configuration file - chmetadata.json
-3 Missing Program configuration file - Program.xml
-4 Missing Shortcut configuration file- Shortcut.xml
-5 Missing Environment Variable configuration file - EnvironmentVariables.xml
-6 Missing App registry configuration file - AppRegistry.xml
-7 Missing File Type Association configuration file - FileAssociations.xml
-8 Invalid Metadata configuration file - chmetadata.json
-9 Invalid Program configuration file - Program.xml
-10 Invalid Shortcut configuration file - Shortcut.xml
-11 Invalid Environment Variable configuration file - EnvironmentVariables.xml
-12 Invalid App Registry configuration file - AppRegistry.xml
-13 Invalid File Type Association configuration file - FileAssociations.xml
-14 Run Program Exception - Programs.xml
-15 Exception: Missing run.exe.config, deploy.exe.config or usage.exe.config file
-16 Missing EULA file in Container, copy EULA.html from the Auto Packager's install directory
-17 Exception: EULA not accepted by during deployment, use /AcceptEULA
-18 Invalid Usage Token: file is corrupt, or invalid. Replace the token in the container with a valid token.
-19 Missing Reporting Token: The token cannot be found in the container. Check the token is in the Container's root
-20 Invalid Configuration File – ComDeployment.xml
-21 Invalid Configuration File – ComRegestryKeys.xml
-22 Invalid configuration of services - Services.xml
-23 Invalid DeploymentScript.xml


To resolve issues with Containers failing to deploy or an application failing to launch:

  1. Copy the Container from the source directory again, or try to restore the Container from backup.
  2. If the Container still fails to deploy or launch, then re-create the Container. This will recreate any missing configuration files.
  3. Invalid XML configuration files (error codes -8 through to -13), typically occur when XML tags are malformed. This usually happens as a result of incorrect editing of the configuration files.

If the problem is not resolved by trying all of the above, please contact Cloudhouse Support.

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