Detecting Windows 8.3 filenames in configuration files

31/10/2018 Stuart Moore   ID: 345766


An application fails to start, or run correctly because it is unable to find a file in the Container. 


Applications that use Windows 8.3 short filenames in a configuration file, will fail to run correctly because there is no redirection rule for the file the configuration refers to.


You will need to scan for, and detect use of Windows 8.3 file names in configuration files. To recursively search all files and folders for filenames that contain a pattern suggesting a 8.3 short filename e.g. config~2.cfg run the following at the command prompt. 

C:\Path\To\Program> findstr /s /i /m /p C:.*~[0-9]*.* *

The command will return the names of files that contain Windows 8.3 filenames. Check redirections exist for these files, or folders, and create redirections for any that are missing.


The command will scan for use of short filenames on the C:\ drive. If the application is installed on any other drive, you will need to change it to the appropriate drive letter e.g. D:.


Cloudhouse recommend scanning the application as part of the packaging process, either before or after you package it, to detect if it uses short filenames.

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