Debugging and Troubleshooting Websites that are incompatible with IE 11

17/08/2018 Stuart Moore   ID: 333556

The BrowserCompatibility feature of IE Containers enables websites written for IE 6 through to 10 to run in IE 11, refer to How to configure Browser Compatibility for IE Containers‍ . The BrowserCompatiblity feature provides a debug and troubleshooting mode to help identify deprecated Java Script functions that are being used, or diagnose functional problems with the web site for example browser window and tab behaviour.


  • Each new browser tab writes to a separate numbered folder named after the address of the first page opened, with all special characters replaced.
  • Internet Explorer runs with low security permissions so can only write out to certain folders, %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp\Low is one of them and for this reason Cloudhouse recommend the default LogPath is used.
  • Each page read by the browser is placed within the tab folder, with special characters replaced and a time stamp appended to the end e.g.
  • text/html files are given an .html suffix.
  • application/javascript files are given a .js suffix regardless of what suffix they had originally.
  • If the url cannot be read for some reason “blankurl” is written by default e.g. blankurl22018-8-9_13H54M12S.js
  • Within the file the first three lines are the url (with special characters left in), mime type, and access time stamp.
  • If a site is accessed twice within the same second then it will have the same filename, so the contents will be appended.

Troubleshooting Multiple Websites

If different websites refer to the same java script resource file, then the JavaScript source will be written to the folder for each website.

Data Privacy

Please note, you require the customer's permission to use this feature, and must also ask them if you are permitted to take these logs off-site. 


Clear the internet cache in the IE Browser. 

Create a registry file using the example code

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 

If you haven't done so already, you will need to register the IECompatiblity32.dll.

c:\> regsvr32 Cloudhouse.IECompatibility32.dll

Launch IE, navigate to the website and reproduce the workflow that triggers the compatiblity issue.


Opening in the first tab results in


Opening a second tab with results in


After 10 tabs (default) have been opened, the logs will roll over and tab_0 will be overwritten.


Log settings can be configured in Log.cfg within the BrowserCompatiblity folder. 

    “LogPath” : “%LOCALAPPDATA%\\Temp\\Low\\Cloudhouse\\MIME_Filter\\Logs\\”, //specifies the location of IEDump – recommend leaving this as the current default because of IE's low security permissions 
    "EnableDump" : 1, //enables dumping of the source files
    “MaxDirNum” : 10 //Specifies the maximum number of tab directories with the same name, defaults to 10

Applies To

Cloudhouse Containers 4.5.1808 with BrowserCompatibility or greater

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