Exitcode -2 ConfigurationFileNotFoundException package metadata file chmetadata.json not found

15/08/2017 Stuart Moore   ID: 267115


When  attempting to deploy a Cloudhouse container the Cloudhouse.Container.Deployer.exe fails with Exitcode 2, and reports that the configuration metadata file chmetadata.json cannot be found even when it is in the Container.


The following is displayed in the Windows command window, a 3rd party deployment tool or the DeploymentWorkflowLog.txt file or in the container's directory.

c:> Container\Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.exe --deploydir c:\programdata\cloudhouse
2017-02-02 13:45:19,625 ERROR Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.Program - Failed to deploy:
     Cloudhouse.Container.Core.Exceptions.ConfigurationFileNotFoundException:  Package metadata file C:\Users\stuartm\Downloads\chmetadata.json is not  found in package directory.
   at Cloudhouse.Container.Core.PackageMetadata.Parse(String path)
   at Cloudhouse.Container.Core.Package..ctor(String packageDirectory)
   at Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.Program.Main(String[] args)
2017-02-02 13:45:19,656 ERROR Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.Program - Exiting with code: -2


Cloudhouse.Container.Deployer.exe is unable to find the metadata file which it expects to find in the Container folder.


  1. Locate the Container folder in Explorer
  2. If chmetadata.json is missing restore the Container from backup or recreate the Container.
  3. If chmetadata.json is present, open a Command Prompt
  4. cd to the Container folder
  5. Run the command Cloudhouse.Container.Deployer.exe --deploydir path
  6. If the command fails with Exit Code -2 then contact Cloudhouse Support.

Applies to scripts, deployment tools and running from the command line.

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