How to manually test applications in Containers

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You do not need to deploy a Cloudhouse Compatibility Container™ to test the application containerised within it. You can simply run the application from within the Container's current directory which is useful for testing the outcome of the packaging process as part of the user acceptance testing (UAT) process.

The application can be launched from the Container from any location, including UNC paths.


Launching the application from within the Container will not install, or register the shortcuts, file type associations, services or COM servers. These are only created when the Container is deployed.

Step-by-step process

The following commands can be run manually or as part of a script to launch the application in the Container. 

To run a Container:

  1. Start a Windows Command Prompt.
  2. Navigate to the <drive>:\<path_to_container>\Container folder where:

<drive>: is the drive containing the Container

<path_to_container> is the path to the folder containing the containerized application

For example: C:\Containers\VLC 32-bit\Container

  1. Run the Cloudhouse.Container.Run.exe executable.

Run Conditions

Run conditions specify the commands that will be executed either by shortcuts or by other user actions. They are defined in the Programs.xml file.

If you need to provide a Run Condition, add the /runconditions command-line switch followed by the name of the relevant Run Condition. For example:

<drive>:\<path_to_container>\Container> Cloudhouse.Container.Run.exe /runconditions Run1

You can also provide multiple Run Conditions by separating them with spaces. For example:

<drive>:\<path_to_container>\Container> Cloudhouse.Container.Run.exe /runconditions Run1 Run2


If the /runconditions switch is not provided, the Container will default to running with a Run Condition of initial.

For more information regarding Run Conditions, see Editing and Maintaining Packages.

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