Applications using ODBC Connections

03/10/2017 Stuart Moore   ID: 278460

Microsoft ODBC Drivers

If the Application being packaged does not need bespoke ODBC drivers then there is no need to include these during the packaging stage. Once delivered, the Application will make use of locally available ODBC drivers.

If the Application fails to connect to the database using the Microsoft ODBC drivers, it may depend upon a specific version of the driver (I.e. Windows XP or Server 2003) - try including this version of the driver within the Container.

3rd Party ODBC Drivers

Applications that require ODBC drivers that are not included by default in Windows OS should be included within the Container so that the application has everything it needs to run.

Applications that install 3rd party ODBC drivers, as part of the application install process, will be included in the Container as part of the install capture process.

Applications that require ODBC drivers to be installed manually, either before or after the application, should be installed during the Auto Packager's Install Capture phase so that they are included in the Container.

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