How to disable / enable telemetry in a Container

14/08/2017 Stuart Moore   ID: 267088

Telemetry can be enabled / disabled for a Cloudhouse Container during  the packaging process. Administrators can enable, or disable the  telemetry of a Container after it has been created; for example the  Container can be created with telemetry enabled for Proof of Concept,  Pilot or UAT phases of the project, and disabled prior to rolling out  the Container into a Live production environment. To aid with  troubleshooting problems that may be experienced in production,  Administrators can edit the configuration of a Container deployed on a  user's desktop, or server and temporarily enable the telemetry.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open chmetadata.json file for the Container, located in the Container's root folder.
  2. Set "IsTelemetryEnabled" to desired "true" or "false".

Applies To

Cloudhouse Containers

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